Audit & Advisory Solutions

Information technology compliance and security

We help your company identify and assess IT security risks and develop a control environment which complies with South African legislation as well as with international standards. Risk X assists your company in forming a clear and true picture of the value-creating potential, weaknesses and future challenges related to your organisation’s information technology. Our services prepare your organisation for the early detection and standard-compliant management of risks which arise during its business operations. As independent auditors we can verify the adequate operation of your organisation’s IT systems for supervisory authorities.

Our Audit and Advisory Service Offering


If you work with data from UK citizens, you should already be compliant with the UK Data Protection Act. However, from May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation will be brought in by the EU. Most companies are not prepared for the effects that this will have on their business. Our team specialises in all aspects of the requirements from discovery of data locations, to a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) framework, to the security of the systems that this information is housed on. We use recognised standards and techniques with basis in management consulting, advisory, assurance and forensics services.

ISO 27001:2022

ISO 27001 is the foundation/cornerstone of information security used for commercial and government solutions and engagements. This is a pre-requisite for many companies as it demonstrates commitment to data security. Risk X has developed methodologies over many engagements that assist with governance, policy and the technical controls required. These are streamlined to ensure speed and agility while allowing demonstrable security, in order to pass certification if required.


PCI DSS is a complex compliance framework that impacts most business areas and not just technical or IT-focused business functions. It is important to ensure that any methodology used to service your PCI DSS programme works and suits your business. Risk X’s overall approach and the services it offers to achieve PCI DSS compliance has been tried and tested. As a PCI QSA company we offer both advisory and audit services in this area.


OUTSOURCED CISO Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) provide an essential function in an organisation as the the source of security expertise. CISO assist and provide quidance with integration of security within business processes. Establishing and retaining the necessary in-depth knowledge can be difficult and expensive for an organisation. Risk X can provide you with the assurance and backup that you require on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis with one of our Outsourced CISOs.


Risk X is an experienced advisor, and PC SSC qualified assessor of PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solutions and P2PE Components. Through secure encryption, these solutions significantly reduce merchants’ PCI DSS validation efforts, while providing robust protection of cardholder data from its encryption at the POI device until decryption in the Decryption Environment.